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False Positive or Not? Difficult to Analyze Javascript, (Fri, Aug 29th)

Internet Storm Center - Thu, 08/28/2014 - 18:36

Our reader Travis sent us the following message:

One More Day of Trolling in POS Memory, (Wed, Aug 27th)

Internet Storm Center - Wed, 08/27/2014 - 17:36

Further to the recent story on Memory Trolling for PCI data, I was able to spend one more day fis ...(more)...

Point of Sale Terminal Protection - "Fortress PCI at the Mall", (Tue, Aug 26th)

Internet Storm Center - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 19:13

This is a very broad topic, but over the last few months I've seen some really nicly protected PC ...(more)...

Trolling Memory for Credit Cards in POS / PCI Environments, (Tue, Aug 26th)

Internet Storm Center - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 19:06

In a recent penetration test, I was able to parlay a network oversight into access to a point of ...(more)...

UDP port 1900 DDoS traffic, (Mon, Aug 25th)

Internet Storm Center - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 13:26

I guess this is my day for asking for feedback from our readers.  Again, I'm going to ask "Got p ...(more)...

Unusual CRL traffic?, (Mon, Aug 25th)

Internet Storm Center - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 08:51

One of our readers, Brian, wrote in this morning saying that he was seeing an unusually high volu ...(more)...

NSS Labs Cyber Resilience Report, (Sat, Aug 23rd)

Internet Storm Center - Fri, 08/22/2014 - 18:36

Bob Walder and Chris Morales of NSS Labs published an interesting brief. Based on last year IPS, ...(more)...

OCLHashCat 1.30 Released, (Fri, Aug 22nd)

Internet Storm Center - Fri, 08/22/2014 - 07:55

For those of us who are using GPUs to turn hashes into passwords and other useful info, the folks ...(more)...

Now supporting OpenIOC via our API!, (Thu, Aug 21st)

Internet Storm Center - Thu, 08/21/2014 - 12:52
The SANS Internet Storm Center is proud to announce the release of our first OpenIOC format API ...(more)...

Social Engineering Alive and Well, (Wed, Aug 20th)

Internet Storm Center - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 08:11

The muse for this diary is far from hot off the press. Many of you may have already come across t ...(more)...


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